Eminence’18, Lakshmibai College, 20th March 2018

Mark your calendars for March 20, 2018, folks. Because
Impetus: The Business Economics Society of Lakshmibai College presents Eminence ‘18, the annual business economics festival.

Date: March 20, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM O


Venue: Lakshmibai College, Ashok V


Here is our line-up for the day:

Event 1:


Do you have strategies and psychological tricks up your sleeve? Then, gear up and lose yourself in bidding wars.
Event 2: In-Quizitive: The Business Qu


Pride your knowledge of the corporates? Get ready to be a part of an intense battle of your business acumen.
Event 3: Marketing Mania
Think you can sell anything? Brush up your marketing skills and unleash your creative streaks.
Event 4: The Theory of Thrones: A Sitcom Q


Think you can tell your Harrenhal from your Hodor? Do your friends roll their eyes whenever you yell ‘Bazinga’? Let’s make all those late night binge-watching sessions count.
Event 5: Assonance: A Slam Poetry E


We understand your unconditional love for poetry. So, be ready to cast a lyrical spell. Enchanté!
Is your interest piqued yet? Or maybe you need more persuasion? Whatever’s the case, stay tuned with our FB page, more details are coming your way soon! Further queries can be routed to:
Reshu C


+91 96500 70628
Tanisha Sabherwal
(Vice Pr


+91 97187 88877

INTEMPOROUS 2018, SSCBS 15-16th Feb 2018

Date: 15-16th Feb 2018

Venue : Sscbs Rohini

There’s always a right time for everything, sometimes you just have to wait for it.

And the wait for the right time is over because Synergy, The Corporate Society, SSCBS is back with its flagship event, Intemporus 2018

Register at: bit.ly/Intemp2018

Cash Prize, you ask? ~*₹1,00,000*~ *₹1,25,000!*

Check us out at: facebook.com/intemporus.synergy


Contact us at:
Riya Aggarwal 9654409127
Rajat Goel 9654957173


Excelsior Prelims (South Zone), Gargi College, 18th January 2017

The wait is officially over as Mark-It: The Marketing Society of SSCBS is back with the South Zone Prelim for Excelsior 2018: The Retaliation and this time, it’s all about waging wars.

You are just one step away from becoming a part of one of the most thrilling competitions of the DU circuit. So buckle up and get going with the prelims!

Choose from the following four exhilarating events:

-Best Manager 

-The Marketers 


-Corporate Strategy

Venue: Gargi College

Date & Time: 18th January’18, 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

This battle is to see if you can #StriveToSurvive.”