Juxtapose, LSR – 27th September 2018


Juxtapose is the annual academic meet of the Department of Journalism of Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Spread over two days, this meet provides students with a platform to discuss issues which plague the media today and an avenue to discuss and debate possible solutions to contemporary media problems.

In keeping with this year’s theme of “On Battlefield: Death or Rebirth of Media?”, a number of events and competitions revolving around different forms of media and their changes have been planned.

One such event is the PANEL DISCUSSION.

With accomplished and well-known media faces as panelists, panel discussion plays a pivotal role in discussing issues which are often ignored. It also provides students with an opportunity to interact with professionals in their field and express their viewpoints on issues on a larger platform. This year, a number of interesting topics have been chosen to be discussed through the course of the two days. One such medium being discussed is that of film. A panel discussion is being held on the 27th of September, titled “Film Journalism: Is it about the Content or the Profits?” with Mr. Murtaza Ali Khan, Mr. Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Mr. Ravinder Gautam as the panelists and Ms. Stutee Ghosh moderating the discussion.


In today’s time, cinema faces a dilemma in terms of its moral ground. Movies often create a perception of an ideal life in the minds of their audiences. Viewers tend to mimic the emotions, actions and mannerisms that they see in movies. Keeping the widespread influence, it has on society in mind, the film industry must be cautious when it comes to producing responsible content. This role of films as an advocate of social change is becoming more and more evident in recent times.

However, the sad truth is that these movies are only a small minority in the multitude of films being produced every year. Directors stick to the age-old formula of having a story with a hero who succeeds at love by manipulating a girl or often harassing her and succeeds at life by using sheer brute strength and violence. Almost every movie is incomplete without an “item song” which blatantly objectifies women and a complex romance set deep in the roots of patriarchy. Most filmmakers justify this practice by saying that it’s the only way to put money in the bank. They are convinced that to make profits, a few loopholes in storyline can be overlooked.


Maybe it’s time we question ourselves- Is cinema a medium for advocating social responsibility or is it a gigantic money-making business devised for mindless entertainment?


Come and hear what our esteemed professionals have to say on the Content vs. Profit debate on the 27th of September from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM.

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