COMQUEST 2018, LSR, 11th and 12th January


10 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss COMQUEST’18!

1. You get to soak in all the LSR greenery by sitting in the beautiful lawns! Inhale the fresh air, get recharged!

2. The competitive environment all around you is bound to get you hooked and booted to be ambitious and well suited!

3. “It’s not a canteen, it’s a cafe” and in these cold winter morning, a cup of hot tea and a samosa with no load on the wallet, is bound to put a smile on your face!

4. All these kids with their pumped up kicks and you get to meet our international delegation team that comes for the competition!


5. With a line of amazing competitions and all the peace and calm around, you get to interact with your event organisers who are, both exhilarated and excited for a chit chat session!

6. Need a thought? Spare a few? Hear a view or two? The panel discussion on a celebration of pride through prejudice is surely going to stir your spirit.

7. Need a break from all that commerce jazz? Join the bandwagon and watch our girls perform some great talented acts!

8. All the recap of all those mad men moments of yours? Well find them right on the FB page and not to forget the department webpage COMVERSE

9. Get featured in the department newsletter!

10. Be like bill, don’t be so chill, we have some really exciting prices for the winners!