MonteCrypto, Hansraj College, 3rd November 2017

DATE : 3rd November, 2017
TIME: 10.00 AM onwards
ELIGIBILITY: Open For All Colleges
TEAMS: Lone wolves or Teams of 2

Fast forward to the year 2050, the world has moved on entirely from fiat to crypto-currencies. Transferring wealth between even the  dampest corners of this world is now easier than ever, systems are ever more secure and technology is revolutionising at its peak. That’s groundbreaking progress but history serves as evidence that progress never comes without a cost.
Berlin, the self-declared crypto capital of the world today, plays host to the biggest crypto giants. With an ever- changing global scenario, and a desire to outplay the market, they often turn from the strongest of allies to the worst of foes.

Caught up in a labyrinth of scandalous accusations by these very allies, your company was defrauded and secluded to the point of dissolution. Monte Crypto 1.0 is your battle to redeem yourself before everyone.
We present to you an opportunity to prove your mettle and understanding of different economic theories as you roller – coaster through mind – boggling situations with just one aim ; TO SPECULATE YOUR WAY TO THE TOP.
You came, you saw but will you be able to conquer?