Lector Menage, Hansraj College, 3rd November 2017

DATE : 3rd November, 2017
TIME: 10.00 AM onwards
ELIGIBILITY: Open For All Colleges
TEAMS: Lone wolves or Teams of 2
REGISTER AT Bit.ly/lectermenage

Tick tock tick tock…..

With the ticking of the clock, and the secret behind the murder, we invite you all to a fast paced man hunt that will wake up the profiler in you in a race against time.
The scattered pieces of this Riddle are still awaiting an equitable emplacement, for one of the most prolific serial killers of all time has been murdered, and an even deadlier killer roams the streets.
So come join us for an event like no other, where the number of victims is high, and the stakes are even higher.
The Silences are ready to be slayed….
Beware, and come prepared.
To a treasure hunt like no other