Paper Presentation Competition, PGDAV College, 11th October 2017

Date: 11th October 2017
Time: Registration starts at 10:30 am
Note: The event starts at 11:00 am
1. Review of the 25 years of LPG reforms
2. Analysing the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath
Venue: Old Seminar Hall, PGDAV College
Team Size: Maximum 3 members
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Ecolibrium, The Economics Society of PGDAV College is proud to present its Inter College Paper Presentation Competition.

So get those grey cells churning – research , compile and present your ideas eloquently and grab exciting prizes!

Delve into the nuances of the topics to come up with pathbreaking ideas that might shape the future of India!

The Rules for the competition are as follows:

1. Choose one of the two topics
2. Present your topic with the help of a PPT
3. No written submission needed
4. Time Limit: 10+2 i.e 10 for presentation and 2 for interjection
5. Only one interjection per speaker is allowed
6. Team Size: Maximum 3 members.


1st position- 3000
2nd position- 2000
3rd position- 1000
Best Interjector- 1000

So get up and get going!

For further queries, Contact
Surily Sahay (Vice President) : 9968954403
Gitika Wahal (Secretary): 9711245631