The International Trade Game,Jesus and Mary College, 25th September 2017

DATE : 25th September, 2017
TIME: 10.30 AM-1.30 PM
VENUE : Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University
ELIGIBILITY: Open For All Colleges
TEAM DETAILS: Cross college teams allowed, 5 members in each team
THEME: Trade
The Economics Department of Jesus and Mary presents International Trade Game Ecovantage’17

See Countries fight live as they battle out “Who’s the richest of ’em all”
Who knew that shapes could change a country’s GDP? Watch how JMC creates a parallel world where countries “manufacture” paper shapes and sell them to an international commodity market trader at poster prices, which can vary with supply and demand.The objective for each country is to make as much money as possible. Are you ready to be the country that beats them all?
The game will be “lit”!
1)One team should consist of 5 members
2)Cross college teams are allowed
3)Participants will be provided with resources on the spot.
1st Prize – Rs 5000
2nd Prize – Rs 2500

Join us for a plethora of fun and entertainment. Trade away to Slay your way in the competition!
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