Meme-opoly, Jesus and Mary College-25th September 2017

DEADLINE DATE : 17th September, 2017
VENUE : Amphitheater, Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University
ELIGIBILITY: Open For All Colleges!
THEME : Economics, Business & Trade Or Current Affairs

The Economic Association of Jesus & Mary College invites you all to one of the most captivating and wittiest events of ECOVANTAGE 2017

Get ready to dust off your Sean Bean, Bad Luck Brian, and the Grumpy Cat jpegs, because today we’re kicking up this contest which gives you a chance to become a Meme Sensation overnight by creating your very own meme full of humour and wit on the following

Rules for the competition are as follows –
1. Please adhere to the theme mentioned above
2. Participants are required to put up Original Memes
3. No explicit content or foul language will be accepted in the memes
4. Maximum 3 entries per person

All entries to be mailed to

There is no Selection criteria for the participants

Winners will be announced on the day of Ecovantage itself i.e 25th September 2017*

Registrations are open from 9th September onwards. Entries can be submitted up till 17th September after which all entries will be posted on our Facebook page.

Each participant will get time till 11:59 pm, 24th September to get the maximum likes on their meme posted on our page. Those interested can open the following link and register for the same.

Enroll now to have a ball with us and sweep away the Best Memester Title

Date : 25th September 2017

For further details, like our Facebook Page
For any queries, Contact :
Annanya – 9999030645
Siyona – 9711971252
Rohanshi – 8010280281