Paper Presentation, Lady Shri Ram College, 17th September 2017

Paper PresentationDEADLINE DATE : Abstract to be submitted by 17th September, 2017
VENUE : Online Submission at
ELIGIBILITY: Both undergraduate and post graduate students.
TEAMS : Paper can be Co-Authored by any student(s) from Delhi NCR
THEME: Critical Consumership: Is it a Necessity or Inconsequential in an All-Pervasive Media Landscape?

With the commodification of news slowly becoming a gigantic phenomenon, there is a greater need for objective and critical media news consumption by the audience.

Today, news isn’t as much being ‘reported’ as it is being ‘sold’ to the audience. Phenomenons like fear, terror, war and peace, emotions like joy, happiness, sadness and anger and events like natural disasters, celebrations, man made disasters, crime, etc are being treated as a product, a commodity and being sold to us; all day, every day, each minute and second of our lives. The question that arises is that, should we, as an audience, accept this as an inevitable after effect of the expansion of the news space or offer resistance using the tools of new media.

With this in mind, Team Juxtapose invites abstracts of research papers from under-grad and post-grad students discussing and critically analysing the present situation under the given theme.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:  The abstract should be titled and must not exceed 700 words.

Kindly enclose the following details while submitting your abstract:

1. Name
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The word limit for the final paper is 2500-3000 words, and the presentation for each paper should not exceed 20 minutes. Please mention if you need audio-visual aid for your presentation.

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