Policy Paper Competition, St.Stephen’s College

NAME OF JOURNAL: Towards Equilibrium-Annual Journal of Economics Society, St.Stephen’s College
THEME : The Economics of Social Welfare- Rethinking the Indian Strategy
DEADLINE DATE: 10th September  2017
EMAIL SUBMISSIONS TO: ecosoc@ststephens.edu
ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate students
REGISTER AT: https://tinyurl.com/policypaper17
TEAM DETAILS: There are no restrictions on the number of policy papers a student can send, number of teams a college can have. There can be up to five members in a team. Cross-college teams are allowed. 

As a part of the Academic Convention, St.Stephen’s College,University of Delhi is organizing a Policy Paper Competition .

POLICY PAPER: The policy paper should not exceed 2500 words
1. The medium to be used is English.
2. The Policy Brief should contain the following:
  • Statement of the issue
  • Relevance in the current scenario
  • Opportunity Costs/Alternatives
  • Implementation
  • Expected Impact
 3. The Format for the Policy Paper is as follows:
  • Brief Summary 
  • Statement of the Issue 
  • Background (of the problem) 
  • Options/Trade-offs
  • Recommended Solution
  • Monitoring Mechanism
  • Expected Outcome

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Submissions must be as a Word Document titled “col­lege name_participant’s name”.
The following font pattern is to be strictly followed: Style- Times New Roman, Size- 13. The cover page should include following details – name of participant(s), Email ID, contact number, title of the paper, college name, department name, year of study.